Gatchews Green Lipped Mussels Dog & Cat Treats

Happy Town Pets - Gatchews Green Lipped Muscles (6608213409953)
Gatchews Green Lipped Mussels Dog & Cat Treats (6608213409953)
Happy Town Pets - Gatchews Green Lipped Muscles (6608213409953)
Gatchews Green Lipped Mussels Dog & Cat Treats (6608213409953)
Gatchews Happy Town Pets Green lipped mussels chews & treats package (6608213409953)

Gatchews Green Lipped Mussels Dog & Cat Treats

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Natural and Nutritious Treats for Your Dog

Looking for a natural and healthy treat for your dog? Look no further than Gatchews Green Lipped Mussels Dog Treats! Made from 100% natural Green Lipped Mussels, these treats are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients that your dog needs to stay healthy and happy.

Gatchews Green Lipped Mussels  Dog Treats! These delicious and long-lasting chews are made from 100% natural Australian Green Lipped Mussels , providing your furry friend with a satisfying and crunchy snack. The tough texture of these chews also helps to clean your dog's teeth and promote healthy chewing habits.

These treats are perfect for dogs of all sizes and are ideal for keeping your pooch entertained and occupied for hours on end. With no added preservatives or chemicals, you can feel confident that your pet is getting a safe and healthy snack. Whether you're using them for training, as a reward, or simply for a special treat, these Green Lipped Mussels treats are sure to be a hit with your four-legged friend.

Natural Green Lipped Mussels chews and treats for your dog or cat are a Omega 3 rich treat for your pet.

Green-lipped mussels are a rich source of glucosamine and chondroitin, vitamins C and E, antioxidants, and minerals such copper, zinc, and selenium, all of which are vital to your pet's joint health. A green-lipped mussel diet will benefit your pet by reducing joint pain and protecting the cartilage.

Drying process of Gatchews Green Lipped Mussel Dog Treats

With a slow-drying process to remove the moisture from the quality products we source, resulting in an amplified flavor profile irresistible to pets. This process is all-natural with no added chemicals or additives.

Features of Gatchews Green Lipped Mussel Dog Treats

Single ingredient - 100% Human Grade Mussels, no additives like fillers, corn or other nasties. Just 1 single ingredient.

100% all natural - Our Green Lipped Mussels are made from Mussels sourced in New Zealand.  High in protein and free from added sugar or fillers.

Chemical FREE - No preservatives, chemicals colours or flavours.
  • It is a natural inflammatory
  • It reduces joint pain and protects the cartilage
  • It boosts your pet’s immunity
  • It strengthens the bones
  • It prevents the development of arthritis in your four-legged friend


Pack Size

50g & 100g Packs

Chew Time

Small Chew time

Dog / Cat Size

Small, medium, large

Life stage

Puppy, adult, senior

Suitable for

All Dogs or Cats of size and age



100% NZ Green Lipped Mussels, no Preservatives, Chemicals or Flavors added

Country of origin

Made in Australia at a USDA approved human grade factory from 100% New Zealand Mussels


Gatchews: Pet Treats & Products


Store your Gatchews in a cool dry place away from your Dogs.  They will search for it.

Product will last approx. 18 months


Resealable, recycled packaging.  Recyclable

Feeding Instructions

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Always supervise your dog when feeding any treats or chews. Please ensure that your dog has always access to plenty of fresh water.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: French Bulldog
Pet Age: 7 months old
Gatchews - Mussels

Highly recommended!

It’s not too tough to chew!! We always had trouble finding such chews for Blue! It’s crunchy and chewy! He loves it! It actually smells really good too! After letting Blue try, he kept coming to me and asking for more!

Matthew McClelland
Pet type: Dog
Pet Breed: Singapore Special
Pet Age: 8 Months
Tasty tasty treat!

Bella (Singapore Special) loved them, bought the 50grams to see if she liked them and already ordered again. Recommend!

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