Single Ingredient Treats & Chews for Cats

3 products

    3 products
    Happy Town Pets - Gatchews All Natural Goat Liver Treats (6610059821217)
    Gatchews Goat Liver Dog & Cat Treats 100g (6610059821217)
    Gatchews Goat Liver Crisp Dog & Cat Treats 100g
    $9.95 SGD
    Happy Town Pets - Gatchews Chicken Heart Treats (6610034688161)
    Gatchews Chicken Heart Dog & Cat Treats 100g (6610034688161)
    Gatchews Chicken Heart Dog & Cat Treats 100g | Best Before Apr 10th 2024
    $9.95 SGD

    Single ingredient all natural Chews & Treats for Cats.

    Gatchews, natural single ingredient dog chews and treats. Australian sourced single ingredient products. 50+ different types of treat & chews to meet your fussy Dog's taste.

    9 different flavour types including Kangaroo, Beef, Chicken, Goat, Fish, Mussels, Shark, Pig & Lamb.

    All naturally dehydrated treats using human grade meats. Best cat treats in Singapore.

    With a price guarantee- we will also try and be the best and cheapest cat treat brand in Asia.

    Don't give your best friend an inferior treat, full of sugar, colours & preservatives.  Give them the best cat treat - give them Gatchews cat treats & products.


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